La informació que esteu veient pertany a l'edició del Festival de l'any pasat. Properament l'actualitzarem per l'edició que estem preparant

New books in Sitges 2016

The Festival will be presenting the book written for the occasion: Donde nadie ha llegado antes (Star Trek) (Where no one has gone before). In the book, edited by Tyrannosaurus Books, writers like Ángel Sala himself, Jordi Sánchez Navarro, Cels Piñol or Nieves Navarro, talk about the movie saga, the real life and animated series, its origins or its creator, Gene Roddenberry, among other questions. All this done entertainingly and with a new point of view, not only to the delight of 'Trekkies', but also for all of those newcomers who want to discover the adventures contained in Star Trek

Red Planet Marx: la conquista soviética del espacio (Red Planet Marx: the Soviet conquest of space) is the title of the retrospective on Soviet science fiction that the Sitges Film Festival will be hosting this year at two of its venues. Both at the Prado Cinema and the Brigadoon Zone, you can see almost a dozen films allowing us to develop the concept of ‘space opera’, space trips and the conquest of the universe in Eastern film making. Movies like Planeta BurSolaris, or Test Pilota Pirxa, among others, will be preceded by presentations and will have subsequent post-screenings. With the same title, Sitges 2016 will be presenting another of its official books, also edited by Tyrannosaurus Books: an overview of science fiction movies from the so-called "block of countries from East Europe” following the 2nd World War, paying attention to the importance of the fantastic genre from the so-called "new cinemas" to our times. Authors like Jesús Palacios, Fausto Fernández or Jordi Ojeda, among others, have participated in the book.